• Marine

    Marine Geotechnical Investigations in nearshore and harbour environments.

  • Piling

    Full range of piling solutions including DCIS, CFA and Forum Bored Piling.

  • Lateral Support

    Full range of Lateral Support solutions including design and construct.

  • Slope Stabilization

    Full range of slope stabilising solutions.


a bit about us
In 1964 James Fairbrother, a mechanical engineer by profession; started a part-time waterwell business in Cape Town. Using the concept of a fork lift, he built a drilling rig to install waterwells for residential dwellings and farmers.

In 1974 the company expanded its services into the geotechnical market by offering geotechnical drilling investigation services in addition to its waterwell business.


what we do

Driven Cast-In-Situ Piling

CFA Piling

Forum Bored Piling

Lateral Support

Drilling Investigations

Nearshore & Harbour Drilling



work we've done

Cape Town Container Terminal - Rock Anchors

Saldanha - Marine Geotechnical Investigation

Worcester Tunnel - Anchors

Langeni - Soil Nails

Durban Harbour - Marine Geotechnical Investigation


see what we up to
A typical geotechnical engineering project begins with a review of project needs to define the required material properties. Then follows a site investigation of soil, rock, fault distribution and bedrock properties on and below an area of interest to determine their engineering properties including how they will interact with, on or in a proposed construction.

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Paul Fairbrother - paul@fairbrother.co.za

Tender and Technical enquiries

Adrian Meerburg adrian@fairbrother.co.za