Dewatering is described as the removal of water from saturated soils by means of wellpoints. The water is extracted from the ground by applying a vacuum through a wellpoint. The vacuum is created by a centrifugal or piston pump.

Fairbrother Geotechnical Engineering’s process provides for the installation of disposable 25mm HDPE riser pipes with purpose made wellpoint tips. The dewatering system is installed either as a closed or lineal system and the water is extracted through the wellpoints by means of 4” GEHO pumps. Excavation of the site proceeds once the water has been drawn to the required invert level. Dewatering is most suited to saturated sands and non-cohesive soils.

Fairbrother Geotechnical Engineering’s dewatering services are best suited to the following activites:

  • Dewatering of pipe trenches
  • Dewatering of pits
  • Dewatering of foundations

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