Forum Bored Piling

Forum Bored Piling is a versatile type of piling which is suited to sites where access and headroom is limited e.g. in the basement of a building or in a congested site. The forum bored piling rig consists of a tripod frame with an external motor, winch system, 406mm pile casings, coring tool and basing tool.

The operation essentially consists of driving a threaded casing and coring out the material inside the casing. The forum bored pile is an end-bearing pile which is created by driving a base (much the same as a DCIS pile). This pile can achieve loads of typically 600kN and 800kN.

Depths are generally restricted to 12m.

The advantages of this type of pile include low establishment costs, access into limited areas, good tension capacity and ability to be socketed into rock.

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